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Coolwave Communications Launches Global Network to Serve Its Growing Asia-Pac Customer Base

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

The Dublin-based voice and messaging provider is expanding its global presence to connect global companies to local partners and enable ‘as a Service’ models.

Dublin, Ireland, 23 February 2021 – Coolwave Communications, a global provider of voice and messaging solutions, has launched its global network and begun the first phase of its international expansion. Coolwave is supporting the global move to cloud telephony and bringing its services closer to customers in Asia for higher quality connectivity, lower latencies and improved performance.

Coolwave is a solutions-driven, software-centric company with a solid foundation in the telecommunications sector. Its PoP in Singapore marks the beginning of its global expansion, and enables Coolwave to bring its services closer to its partners and customers across Asia. With presence in Amsterdam, Dublin, London and Singapore, Coolwave is expanding its services to new markets and enhancing customer experience with local connectivity.

“We’re proud to be expanding in the networking space and growing globally, with an array of new market opportunities at our fingertips. Our Singapore PoP enables more of our customers in Asia to really ramp up their businesses with a mixture of software and telecoms services such as 2-way voice and A2P messaging,” said Ronan Higgins, Commercial Director at Coolwave. “Our strong telco roots and growing networking capabilities are removing the barriers to incorporating voice and messaging into mobile apps, Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) platforms and Over-the-Top (OTT) services, while expanding reach and capabilities for carriers.”

Utilising Cataleya’s Orchid Cloud platform, Coolwave has the capabilities to rapidly expand its network across geographies and scale with new market opportunities. It can grow vertically by enhancing and localising its product offerings across markets, as well as scale horizontally with opportunities to expand its product set to meet changing demands in the market.

“Coolwave’s global expansion is a big step forward for its business and will enable it to connect and grow 5G ecosystems across the globe. At the same time, it is enabling ‘as a Service’ models to go beyond borders and capture opportunities across multiple markets,” said Leo Lundy, Group CTO at Imagine Communications Group. “In a world that is being shaped by 5G and open RAN, Coolwave is ready to enable innovation and remove the barriers to growth across unique geographies. It will be exciting to see where Coolwave expands next.”

Coolwave’s parent company is the Imagine Communications Group, the 5G-ready fixed Broadband Network Operator providing metropolitan and rural broadband services in Ireland since 2002. Coolwave makes it simple and efficient for carriers, resellers, OTT players and CPaaS providers to expand their voice and messaging capabilities with tailored solutions. With an open RAN model supporting the move to 5G, Coolwave has the agility to meet demands in a fast-paced market with a foundation for long-term growth.


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