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Coolwave Communications Partners with LogiSense to Deliver a Seamless Customer Journey & Enhance CX

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

LogiSense’s simple, robust and API-enabled billing solution enhances Coolwave’s operations for telecoms customers and channel partners including carriers, service providers and OTT players

Dublin, Ireland, 20 July 2021 – Coolwave Communications, a global provider of voice and messaging solutions, has partnered with LogiSense, a leader in usage-based rating and subscription billing solutions, to optimise and accelerate its processes for customers. The partnership enables Coolwave to simplify the complexities of billing for telco and IoT services, with a flexible and scalable system to manage customer lifecycles end-to-end for a seamless customer experience.

Coolwave can utilise LogiSense to manage the complete lifecycle of its telecoms customers, from initial account creation and subsequent sale, right through to service provisioning, rating, maintaining, charging and invoice delivery. With touchpoints across nearly all the processes involved in delivering Coolwave’s solutions, the LogiSense Billing solution enhances how Coolwave’s customer relationships are established, improves communications with existing customers, accelerates performance of all solutions, and enhances channel partners’ solutions to their customers through the white-label Cool Operator platform.

“LogiSense has a proven track record for providing billing solutions that suit service environments like ours at Coolwave. We’re very pleased to be extending our capabilities and providing new opportunities for customers to make billing simple,” said Fergus Kernan, Operations Director at Coolwave Communications. “The simple streamlining of workflows under a common management system solves a lot of challenges, while being very simple to operate and supported by high quality knowledge and engineering. We’re solving the common challenges that our customers are facing day in day out, with a seamless approach to billing end-to-end.”

The LogiSense Billing solution provides Coolwave with a web-based portal extendable to customers as their own portal, and is also available as an API integration within Coolwave’s Cool Operator API stack. It includes seamless rate card management, near-real-time usage gathering and bulk dial-plan codes management. It is deployed as a hybrid implementation using Coolwave's own cloud environment built on on-premises hardware across several data centres to ensure security, integrity and scale.

“We are pleased to partner with Coolwave to simplify and accelerate its solutions end-to-end with our comprehensive billing solution. Coolwave is an exciting and innovative voice and messaging business that is rapidly expanding globally, so it’s a great company to have on board as a partner,” said Adam Howatson, CEO at LogiSense. “The benefits across each stage of the customer lifecycle are huge, and we’re looking forward to continue working together into the future to make billing as simple as possible for customers across continents.”

The incorporation of LogiSense’s billing system into the Cool Operator platform provides Coolwave’s customers with flexible telco/operator services with simple billing initiation and maintenance. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Coolwave operates globally with points of presence in Amsterdam, Dublin, Frankfurt, London and Singapore, 120+ direct routes to carriers, 1 billion+ minutes per year, number porting in 145+ countries, 99.999% availability and 24x7 technical support. With LogiSense as a partner, Coolwave can evolve and scale its services into the future with flexibility and simplicity, without common billing complexities.


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