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  • Ronan Higgins, Commercial Director at Coolwave

Coolwave in 2021: Innovation, Automation and Going Global

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

At the beginning of 2020, we made the decision to take our business to another level. Coolwave has been successful serving customers across Europe and we’ve seen an opportunity to grow both geographically and across new segments. Our goal has been to enable more customers locally and across the globe to benefit from our consultative and collaborative approach to voice and messaging.

We recognised a growing opportunity in serving Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) providers, Over the Top (OTT) players and Anything as a Service (XaaS) providers, in addition to our core carrier and reseller customers, and have taken steps to shape our business to match this new era in voice and communications. Coolwave has been on a 12-month journey to build a foundation for our next wave of growth and offer our customers an optimised end-to-end experience.

I’m proud to say the hard work of our team and collaboration with our partners has helped us to execute on this vision. We’ve brought our value proposition into focus and I see huge opportunities to listen, collaborate and co-create solutions with our customers in 2021.

Growing Opportunities

Coolwave is an exciting business that sits at the nexus of voice, messaging, platforms and applications. We’re taking our expertise from the traditional voice and messaging world and using it to enable more businesses to embed communications services in their offerings. Mordor Intelligence estimates that the CPaaS market alone will have a compound annual growth of 34.3% from 2020 to 2025. We’re well positioned to support and enable that market to grow across a whole range of emerging segments.

Voice and messaging remain fundamental to how users communicate. It is just a matter of seamlessly embedding these communications in whatever application or service the customer wants. Coolwave bridges the gap between the traditional world of voice and messaging and the next generation of platforms, OTT services, and applications.

At the same time, we’re helping carriers and resellers to extend their reach with an expert partner and grow in new markets with new services. Our plan is to nurture our core business while offering bespoke solutions to new high-growth segments. We just have to stay focused and be as close to our customers as possible. Our value is in our consultative approach and co-creating solutions with our customers.

Our Priorities in 2021

Our priorities for 2021 are focused on expanding our capabilities, reach and skills. We have had success serving customers across Europe and now we’re scaling our infrastructure to serve customers around the world. At the same time, we’re automating processes and developing APIs to increase the agility and speed that we can serve customers. Here are our nine priorities for 2021:

1. A Fully Automated SIP Delivery Platform – In Q1 2021, we will launch a fully automated SIP platform. It is multi-tiered and will be delivered via our Cool Operator platform. It is ideal for channel customers as well as CPaaS, OTT and XaaS development.

2. Going Global – We’re going to leverage our success in Europe and expand our product capability and customer base in the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Africa. Coolwave has differentiated its offering with collaboration and customer service and we’ll do the same in new markets.

3. Continual Network Transformation – The network transformation project we kicked off in 2020 will continue with new network upgrades and presence in new global markets. We will expand our network reach to match local and global demand.

4. Serving the Global IT Channel – As Coolwave’s awareness grows, we will support the global IT channel and enable more businesses to use our capabilities to deliver solutions for their customers.

5. Frictionless Global Number Delivery – We’re going to get more customers onto our automated global number inventory platform and experience how fast and efficient global Direct Inward Dialing (DID) can be.

6. Increase Our Two-Way Voice Capabilities – In 2021, we will double the number of two-way voice destinations we support, from 15 to 30 across the globe.

7. Expand Our Virtual Mobile Voice and SMS Markets – We will expand the markets where we offer Virtual Mobile Voice and SMS from five to 15 globally to support our CPaaS, OTT and XaaS customers.

8. Innovating with API Integration – We will increase the depth of automation across our operations and with our customers through API integration. Whenever possible, we will integrate APIs into our existing platforms and develop APIs to present out our services to customers. We can remove the barriers between our operations and customers and accelerate how we collaborate and interconnect.

9. New Talent and Skills – We’re growing our team to support our global growth while adding new skills around software development and automation. Throughout 2021, our team will grow to support customers in new ways.

This Time Next Year

We will have a global footprint matched with a diverse and growing customer base. Coolwave will be supporting innovation in CPaaS, OTT applications and services, and a whole range of XaaS offerings. We will be demonstrating our value in Europe and around the world while making it simple for new players to embed voice and messaging in their offerings.

More than anything, I want the excitement, ideas and expertise within Coolwave to be seen by our customers and partners, and our business to be recognised for its vision. In 2021, we’re going to execute on our plans and deliver at the highest possible level for customers.


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